Context Scripture Translating was founded to promote the contextual translating of the Christian Scriptures. It challenges the widely-held belief that adequate scripture translations are available in the major languages. A plethora of Bible translations published in the last sixty years has fueled this optomistic impression.

Two recent CST books demonstrate that today’s Bible translations are by no means credible witnesses to the original documents. The first, Ten Ways to Improve New Testament Translations presents the results of a linguistic evaluation of a selection of Bible translations. It details specific areas of translation deficiencies and specifies the steps that are necessary to produce reliable scripture translations.

The second book, Jesus Never Founded Christianity, surveys the powerful traditions of Christianity which have supplanted the original teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. The influence of these traditions has produced a religious climate that not only tolerates faulty scripture translations but promotes them.


Copies of both books are available on this website for viewing and for downloading as pdf files. A limited number of printed copies are also available upon request. Because they are review copies, the books are still being tested, edited, and supplemented. Readers are welcome to participate in this process. All comments, corrections, questions, and requests are more than welcome. They should be sent to the author at